David M. Pato
Founder & CEO
``A team passionate about their work possesses great potential. My responsibility is to bring out the best in them to offer a personal and efficient service to our clients``
Marc Balsells
Account Director
``Teamwork is essential in any company. To manage it and obtain results, it is essential to develop good communication. We are dedicated to applying it both in the team and in all our clients``
Bárbara Martínez
Head of Audiovisual Department
``They say that a picture is worth a thousand words - our pictures are the best proof``
Gonzalo Romero
Head of Social Media Department
“We live in a 2.0 society that is connected with great challenges and contexts that require a responsible communication. The way we communicate has to be on the same level as the message. This is our commitment``
Pepe Aznar
Senior Communications Manager
``We know the media’s needs and the public’s interests; we tell the stories that connect our brands with them``
Marc Manyé
Social Media Manager
``The ideal components of the social media engine are: # hobby, # passion, # fun, # information and # shopping. Do we prepare the settings and start engines?``
Sebas Villa
Senior Graphic Designer
``Creative by nature, passionate about design, sports and publicity. We combine our passion for sports and creativity to connect, convey and improve brand recognition and achieve a valuable result for our clients``
Beatriz Sánchez
Senior Communications Manager
``Communication and sports have a lot in common: passion, hustle, dedication... Working with passion, getting out of our comfort zone and adapting to each situation are the keys to getting the best results``
Mònica Palenzuela
Senior Communications Manager
``Brands and athletes strive every day to push their limits. We work to communicate this in the best possible way with a common goal: to go as far as possible.``
Albert Escandell
Junior Communications Officer
``Self-confidence is the first secret of success. Having confidence in an entire team means that success is guaranteed``
María Romero
Junior Communications Officer
``One of the keys to success is to work in what you enjoy and doing it while being accompanied by a team that behaves like a family``
Jordi Cobo
Junior Communications Manager
``All of our actions are based on an essential, non-negotiable and differential element: passion for sports and communication``
Naiara Martín
Administrative Assistant
``Teamwork divides the work and multiplies the result``