David M. Pato
Founder & CEO
``A team passionate about their work possesses great potential. My responsibility is to bring out the best in them to offer a personal and efficient service to our clients``
Pepe Aznar
Account Director
``We know the media’s needs and the public’s interests; we tell the stories that connect our brands with them``
Carla Franco
Account Director
``To create great campaings you have to experiment, take risks, break the rules, make mistakes… and have fun :)``
Bárbara Martínez
Head of Audiovisual Department
``They say that a picture is worth a thousand words - our pictures are the best proof``
Ana María Guiot
Head of Social Media Department
``The rule in social media is that there are no rules. Social networks develop so fast that what you learn today will be out-of-date soon. Is there a better and more enjoyable challenge to harness that potential?``
Javier Page
Senior Communications Manager
``Success not only depends on what you can do, but also that people know you have done it``
Pol Bertran
Senior Communications Manager
``We have been able to reinvent ourselves year after year by doing what others have never been able to achieve. We want our clients to be the protagonists to their own story``
Salva Marsal
Social Media Manager
``My long relationship with media agencies gives me a rare and valued overview of corporate communication``
Adrián González
Communications Manager
``Both in sports and in the world of communication, perseverance and hard teamwork make the difference``
Marcos De Andrés
Junior Film Editor and Postproductor
``I enjoy my work because we manage to transform the common into something extraordinary``
Ana Granado
Junior Communications Manager
``Both in life and communication, do not do the same if you look for different results: think, work, create… Keep working!``